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Cold weather seems to sap every drop of moisture from the skin and hair. Even nails become brittle when the temperature drops and drier air moves in. As the air gets cooler, glands just below the surface of the skin become relatively inactive, so the skin gets drier. So all in one winter brings its own problems.

Even inside your warm cozy home, you could be doing your skin more harm than good sitting too close to the fire or turning on the heater. The dry air simply drains your complexion of its moisture.

When the weather is at its most harsh, your beauty regimen should be at its most gentle. Here’s your winter regime change. Switch to cream based cleanser, along with a thicker moisturizer or emollient oil.

To counteract dry skin, gently exfoliate so that the skin can absorb moisturizer better. Unless your skin is extremely oily, cut back your cleansing routine by rinsing with just water in the morning. Too much cleansing strips the skin of natural protective oils.

The best way to deal with dryness during winters is to refrain from the use of soap completely. Most soaps are extremely drying to the skin. 

However, if you are a dedicated soap and water lover, then choose a mild soap which has a more moisturizing base of glycerin. A good home-cleanser would be the top of the milk blended with a pinch of turmeric powder.

Moisturizing is the next important step. Because winter skin usually loses moisture to the environment more quickly than it can replenish it, it has to be protected with extra-rich emollients. These moisturizers help seal in the water below the skin surface and act as a barrier against external conditions.


Your routine should include this twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed (after cleansing and toning). Use a heavier moisturizer than you use during warm weather months.

Always apply moisturizer while the skin is damp, evenly over your entire face, massaging cream upwards and outwards.

Make-up base too can play a part in protecting your face from the cold outside- especially if it is a moisturized foundation. Perfect foundation color enhances your skin appearance and even out its tone for the perfect complexion.

 To camouflage uneven coloring and dark circles, try applying a concealer stick under your foundation to be extra sure of a protection like effect.

Here are some quick skin care tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing in winter season:


Gently exfoliate lips with a toothbrush and Vaseline, your face scrub, or an exfoliating lip product. Then apply lip balm. Treating dry lips can also be done using few common home ingredients like coconut oil, almond oil, aloe Vera gel and honey.


After a bath or shower, pat your skin with towel, but leave it damp. Then, massage moisturizer into your skin for a couple of minutes (don’t just pat and run) so that it gets some time to get absorbed.  Always use lukewarm water rather than hot water, to restore natural oil from the skin. You can also use bath oils with necessary precautions.


Dry hands are more prone to infections, because bacteria can more easily winter skin caresneak into cracks in the skin. Slather your hands and nails, with hand cream, slip them into plastic bags and wrap them in a heating pad for 15 minutes. If you are spending lot of time in contact with water then try to use rubber gloves to protect your hand’s moisture. Exfoliating with mild and creamy scrubs can help to remove dead, dry and damaged skin, this will help to absorb moisturizer into skin. But never over exfoliate your skin in winter, it could damage your skin.


Exfoliate dry skin with a natural-bristle brush or an old toothbrush. Warm a bit of olive oil or sweet almond oil, pour it in two little bowls and soak your elbows in them for 10 minutes. Wipe dry, then moisturize with a rich cream.

    5. FOOT CARE

Your feet tend to become dry and rough during the winters. Hot water soak provides lot of relief to your feet. Soak your feet in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. To remove the dead skin cells, impurities and roughness from your feet, scrub them once in week. After exfoliating apply foot care cream or oil and wear socks to lock moisturizer.



   6. USE SPF

Some people are having misconception that there is no need to use sunscreen during summer. But, it is absolutely wrong. You may not feel it but UV rays of sun are present in the air & can cause damage to your skin even in winter seasons. Therefore it is important to continue to wear moisturizing sunscreen SPF 15 or more on face, neck, hands in winter season too. That will also help to reduce the drying of the skin.

    7. HAIR CARE

Massage hair with warm oil, right from the root to the ends. Cover the head with a suitable cloth while going out in the cold. Freezing cold in winter season dries up hair and it may tear. Protect hair from hot blow-dryer blasts with heat protection products.  Cold air that constricts the veins can leave your scalp feeling tight and itchy. Before shampooing, brush your hair scalp gently with natural –bristle brush to stimulate the circulation and ease the itch. Plus, it feels good!


Each season has special effects on skin, so as winter. You should not continue your summer skin care routine in winters. You need to switch to creamy, oil based foam cleansers or cleansing oils. While selecting tonner, try to avoid alcohol based tonners which can further dry your skin. Skin needs extra moisturizer during dry weather. So it’s time for you to switch from light moisturizer to something that is rich in texture and deeply nourishing. Invest in good nourishing night cream according to your skin concern. Apply hydrating mask once or twice a week to save your parched skin.


In cold weather you might not feel as thirsty because you are not sweating but do not forget the eight glasses of drinking water rule that applies in winter too!! Staying hydrated from inside also reflect on your skin. Lack of water intake can make your skin look dull and dehydrated.

 You feel hungry during winter. Your skin also reflects what you eat. Include dry fruits, nuts, leafy vegetables, fruits in your diet. Sometimes when skin is very dry it can also be helped by foods or supplements which contain omega 3 or omega 6 fatty acids such as fish oil, flaxseed oil.


Sweat glands and blood vessels constrict a bit in winter and a great way to keep them flowing is exercising and to maintain your natural glow. Sweating also removes toxins from your body. The more you work out and sweat the more you can see your skin is gaining natural glow. So don’t miss out your beauty workouts!


Although winter season is a good time for heath, it can prove quite harmful for the skin if you do not take proper care. Winter is right time to pamper your skin. So this winter take good care of your skin. Happy winters!!







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