4 Ways To Choose Right Foundation Shade

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Choosing the right foundation shade from variety of brands & shades is a challenging task. But still for that flawless looking complexion, it is a must have in your vanity. Without foundation you can’t even imagine the word ‘Makeup’!

If you know what kind of result or look you are looking for, it will be easier to choose right formula & shade. Foundation is skin colored cosmetic applied to the face to create an even, uniform color to the complexion, to cover flaws & sometimes to change the natural skin tone.

Always pick a color that matches your skin tone. It is also important to choose foundation that looks natural & fits the desired effect you are seeking. You may require a separate concealer for blemishes, spots, dark under eye circles & other discoloration.

Foundation should be applied first, before applying any other makeup product as other products may not blend well to the skin & may even make blemishes & flaws look more prominent.

Cosmetic foundations are available in water base, oil base, oil free with varied consistencies, coverage and are available in liquid, cream & powder form.

Here are some tips to guide you to select right foundation shade for your skin:

Identify your skin’s undertone

Skin tone is very important in choosing the makeup products. You have cool undertone, if you notice your skin has a pink, red or blue tinge to it OR you can check otherwise:

  • If the veins on your wrist are blue or purple.
  • If silver jewelry flatters your skin more than gold.
  • When you look at your skin in the sun & it appears bluish.

Those with warm undertone, will notice their skin has a yellow, gold or peach tinge to it. You have warm undertone if:

  • The veins on your wrist are slightly green or olive.
  • Gold jewelry flatters more on your skin than silver
  • When you look at your skin in the sun it appears yellowish.

If you have neutral undertone, your skin is neither pink/red/blue nor yellow/gold/peach but somewhere in between. You have neutral undertone if:

  • The veins on your wrist are bluish-green.
  • Both silver and gold jewelry flatters on your skin.
  • When you look at your skin in the sun it appears greenish.

Once you know your undertone, it will be easier for you to choose from variety of shades. If you found yourself under warm undertone, look for yellow base foundation. If you have cool undertone then opt for pink based foundation shades. Neutral undertone can choose a shade with a mix of yellow and pink base foundation or peach shade would be perfect.

Don’t Forget About Your Skin Type

Yes! Your skin type does matter while choosing a right foundation formula. You must pick a formula which suits your skin type.

  • Dry Skin

As the dry skin face looks & feels dry and tight, you need cream based or liquid foundation, which can provide moisture to the skin. You should stay away from matte or ultra-matte finish. Avoid applying too much setting powder on top of foundation.

You can try Lakme Argan Oil Serum Foundation with SPF 45, Sugar Cosmetics Drop the Base Foundation.

  • Oily Skin

Very soon, after makeup application, oily skin looks shiny. So it’s advisable to choose powder foundation or an oil-free matte finish, mousse foundations. The powder in them work towards absorbing oil from your skin to give matte & shine free look.

You can try over L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation, L’Oreal True Match Mineral Powder Foundation, Revlon Color-stay Long wear Liquid Foundation.

  • Combination Skin

If your skin is having oily ‘T’ zone & rest of the part is dry, it is slightly more confusing while choosing right foundation. But applying two foundations with different formulas for different areas on face is not a good idea. Instead, you can use hydrating foundation all over face & then apply a compact or translucent powder over the area that gets oily quickly.

You can go with Lakme ( to % weightless Mousse Foundation, Lakme Absolute white Intense Skin Cover Foundation, Faces Ultimate Pro matte mousse Foundation and Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation).

  • Normal Skin

Finding Right formula for normal skin is the easiest task. The only concern is finding out right shade for your skin undertone. You can choose Liquid or cream base foundation.

You can opt for Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse Mattreal is light weight in texture and blends really very well into skin. Also Insight Mousse Foundation can be a good choice. It primes, protect & moisture your skin and super lightweight, blends well.

Understand The Coverage You Need

‘Coverage’ means the opacity of the makeup or how much it will conceal blemishes/spots on the skin. Foundation has sheer, Light, Medium & Full coverage. It is absolutely depends upon the pigment percentage in it.

Sheer Coverage is most light & transparent which contains least amount of pigment around 8-13%.

Light Coverage covers unevenness but is not enough to cover freckles & spots. It contains 13-18% pigments.

Medium Coverage can cover freckles, discoloration, red marks left by acne when set with tinted powder (instead of translucent). It contains 18-23% of pigments.

Full Coverage is very opaque & uses to cover birth marks, hyperpigmentation, scars. It contains up to 35% pigments.

You can decide your need to apply foundation. For daily use, you can select foundation sheer to light coverage. Small parties, get together you can opt for medium coverage and for any big event, like marriage, stage shows, photo shoots you can go with full coverage. It is not advisable to use full coverage foundation for daily use as it contains high pigments that can harm your skin in long term.

Testing Before Buying

It absolutely makes difference where you are doing swatch test. Never check shade on your wrist or hand, it’s absolutely wrong style. Skin color of your hand and face are always different. It might be darker or lighter. Always do a swatch test on sides of your cheeks & if the color is correct, it will blend easily with the natural tone of the skin.

It is not just enough to do a swatch test. You need to check a shade in natural light to find out perfect match. Look for a shade that gets invisible on your skin.

Do not hesitate to take help from professional beauty assistants at the store. They have the experience & they are there to help you only.

If you want to order online, you should know your perfect shade or it should be tested before personally. You can reorder your selection once you are confirmed with your shade and formula.

Always keep this in mind, foundation is not to make your skin fair but it is to enhance your skin tone & provide uniform & even look. You can always mix two colors to get desired effect or shade. I hope after reading this article you will be able to shop the foundation confidently next time.

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