15 Quick Makeup Tips & Tricks That You Will Love To Follow

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While looking good is still a top priority, it can be a challenge to fit our beauty needs into our fast-paced lives. These days none of us has time for complicated beauty regimens and heavy makeup. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want great results—fast.

Whenever you don’t know what to do, need a quick substitute for what you usually do, or just want to simplify your life, this article will provide fast, easy solutions that work.

Makeup appeals to our imagination and sense of playing with colors. It helps to learn a few easy, effortless techniques, enough to feel confident that you are putting your best forward as you dash out the door.

  1. Get Glowing

Mix your foundation or tinted moisturizer with luminizer or illuminating moisturizer or when the lights are low and you want to glow, try foundation with a bit of shimmer. Don’t be afraid of shimmer products; they are like the outfit that doesn’t look attractive when it’s on the hanger, but looks great once you put it on! 

  1. Lofty Forehead

To make a high forehead look less lofty, take a matte powder bronzer or blush that’s a shade darker than your foundation and brush it along your hairline, from above your ears to the middle of your forehead. Blend well, brushing towards your hair. Don’t  worry makeup can fix anything.

  1. Setting your Makeup

Translucent powder over your foundation or concealer, will set your makeup without adding too much extra color. Pressed powders (compact powder) are used for touchups. Translucent powders are light in texture providing sheer, natural finish. However if you have extra oily skin, it is advisable to wear a matte translucent powder, which is sheer and contain loads of oil natural absorber.

  1. Close-set Eyes

If you have close-set eyes then the goal is to create the illusion of more space between your eyes, emphasize the outer corner with makeup and concentrate your efforts away from the center. Apply light eye shadow from the inner corner to the iris and darker shadow from the iris out towards the edge. Blend well. Using pencil or kohl crayon, draw a line as close to the lash line as possible, from the outer edge of the iris to the outer corner of your top and bottom lash line. Smudge slightly with figure or a hard-pressed Q-tip. 

  1. Wide-set Eyes

If you have this type of eyes, to make them look closer together, apply a bit of dark liner in the inner corners of your eyes and blend. If you wear eye shadow, apply it starting at the inner corner of the eye, but let it fade out before the outer edge. 

  1. Cakey Face

If your foundation looks cakey, spray your face lightly with water. Smooth out the edges with damp sponge. Blend well.

  1. Lasting Lipstick

Your lipstick will last through a three course dinner if you power your lips, apply lipstick, and blot it down with paper until the color stains the lip. Or, line your lips with pencil AFTER you apply your lipstick.

  1. Lip stains

Certain lip shades, especially heavy pigments could be hard to remove. Apply petroleum jelly or sweet almond oil, coconut oil on your lips to remove those lip shades.

  1. De-clump old mascara

Never cast away good makeup product before it’s expired. You can revive your dried mascara with two minutes trick. Put your closed tube mascara in a glass of hot water (submerge only 1/3 of the tube) for a minute or two. This will soften it so that it won’t clump. 

  1. A dried Pencil eyeliner

Sometimes after sharpening and cleaning pencil eyeliner, it can get little dry when you apply it. Here is a simple hack for this problem. Poke the tip of the eyeliner pencil near the flame of the candle for two three seconds. Then remove excess melted eyeliner from pencil with the help of tissue paper. Test pencil before applying it directly on your eyes.

  1. A Dried Lip Pencil

If your lip pencil is so dry that it tug across your skin, rub the tip between your fingers before you apply. Your body heat will soften it up just enough so that the color slides right on. 

  1. Too-Flat Matte

This is a grate tip for an evening out. If you love your lipstick, but the color looks flat and matte and not festive enough, dab a spot of shimmer eye shadow in the middle of your lower lip. 

  1. Reattach broken Lipstick

You can reattach broken lipstick by melting the bottom of it by candle flame or lighter and affixing it back to the base in the packaging.  Then, melt both pieces where they attached to fuse them back together. But remember be careful do not give heat for too long otherwise your lipstick will start melting. 

  1. Make your own lip gloss

You can make lip gloss with left over powdered eye shadow or lipstick. Take some Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and add left over eyeshadow or lipstick. Mix them well and keep stirring until everything is evenly combined. Now  you are ready to apply it. Here you can also use shimmery eyeshadow to make shimmery lip gloss.

  1. Curl your lashes for longer

If you want your lashes to be curled for long time then this trick is for you. You will just need eyelash curler and heat source. You just need to warm up your lash curler and then use it. But here you have to be very careful before using warmed lash curler on your eyes. Check out the warmth of curler with your hands then use it on your eyes. Do not directly use it on your eyes, you may end up with hurting your eyes.


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